Michele's Feathered Hotel - Bird Boarding

What's going on at the Inn????
Construction of the new State of the Art Facility has been COMPLETED!
The Feathered Hotel has been completed!  Our flock will enjoy an air conditioned, temperature controlled room. HD Digital TV to watch some ABC or wiggles!! a sound system to enjoy some rainforest music. Fresh local produced fruits and veges, Home made CHOP (fruits/veges, organic brown rice, pearl barley ect) Vetafarm Pellets of most variety, quality seed and human grade almonds, nuts and FILTERED Water.
The BEST PART: An attached aviary for some flight and sun time. in summer they can enjoy a gentle misting...
Solar powered and Alarmed..   Come for an inspection I know you'll LOVE IT .. (by Appt ONLY)

Booking into the Hotel:

What to bring:
*All Forms filled out
* Travel cage that is more than welcome to stay here
* Any favourite toys to make them feel comfortable if you like.
* Any special diet that would not normally be included 
(Another brand pellets other than Vetafarm)

EVERYTHING Else is included....Fresh fruit/veges, vetafram pellets, Lorry wet and dry, all variety of seeds and nuts.
Spark for the first few days to ease them into the change of environment

Hotel Gift Shop

Pre Order some natural home made stands for your birds to enjoy hours and hours of fun! you can add toys, ropes and extra ladders if you like..starting from $140....
also some natural wood perches starting from $5.00